Lesson #01 – Introduction To Nichology

Note: This content was originally written by Titimowse ("The Professor") and published on the old Cozyacademy.com over 10 years ago, a site that is no longer live and, as a result, the great wealth of knowledge it provides for the adult webmasters community was nearly lost. I recovered this article from an old archive and no part of this work belongs to me. I republished it here for the benefit of the adult community.

I. What is a Niche?

The dictionary definition of a niche is a specialized market.

An adult niche porn site is one that does not fit into basic categories such as hardcore, softcore, babe or teen. While probably the majority of porn surfers are males looking for images of attractive models, there are many that are looking for more unusual content. A niche site is geared to those customers.

II. What Are the Advantages of a Niche Site?

A main advantage of hosting a niche site is that there are many hardcore, softcore or babe sites on the Internet and garnering traffic to a new one of these standardized sites is a tremendous uphill battle. A niche site is capable of reaching surfers looking for unique content and has the possibility to stand out from other general-purpose porn sites.

Along with reaching specified customers, the niche site works well as a venue to sell niche sponsor programs and memberships. Just as general-purpose sites are everywhere, so are general-purpose sponsorships. You get a better chance of getting your work seen when you choose to make a niche page.

Niches are also as numerous as their fans. There are so many fetish and off-center porn lovers and they have varied tastes. You don’t have to settle for promoting the same old straight, tired porn when you can promote unique and wanted content.

III. What Are the Disadvantages of a Niche Site?

You might not like what you see. When you go into the niche world, you will learn there is content that you may not like looking at. Remember that you have to promote legal content. Only choose a niche you feel is comfortable and safe for marketing.

The silver lining to the above disadvantage is that what is considered niche in the adult Internet may not be what you think. For instance, legs and pictures of them is a niche. Images of nude women smoking cigarettes are a very popular niche. Good old-fashioned nipples are a niche. There are far more explicit fetishes and their lovers. The kinkier the fetish, the better the market. The crux being that a niche site can be a surer path to your Adult Internet success.

Like it’s murky definition of specialized market, the adult Niche site can be indefinable. What exactly is a Niche? Is it a fetish? Is it a body part? Are gay sites niche sites? Is teen content a niche or a general type porn site? In the following sections, we will delineate different niches, what sponsors can be used for them and how to market a niche site.

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