Lesson #03 Skills needed for the Adult Webmaster

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Note: This content was originally written by Titimowse ("The Professor") and published on the old Cozyacademy.com over 10 years ago, a site that is no longer live and, as a result, the great wealth of knowledge it provides for the adult webmasters community was nearly lost. I recovered this article from an old archive and no part of this work belongs to me. I republished it here for the benefit of the adult community.

Action and Effort

Sex sells. The statement is both a truth and a cliché. While the Internet may be the perfect marriage of consumer and seller, popular media has flooded the world with grand tales of Internet Porn’s riches. The industry is currently saturated with tens of thousands of hopeful entrepreneurs who want to get rich making smut. Success as an Adult webmaster/site owner requires diligence, hours of hard work and several Internet-related skills. While you provide a service that millions of surfers are willing to pay money to get, you have a lot of competition. Porn is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Porn is a business.

Familiarity with the Industry

This is a great time to be a new Adult webmaster. The resources to teach you and guide you to prosperity are abundant and readily found. Cozy Academy was designed to help your efforts in learning about this exciting enterprise.

Cozy Academy is an offshoot of CozyFrog.com. CozyFrog is an Adult Webmaster resource site. Resource sites are probably your best, first stop on your road to legitimacy in the cybersmut trade. Resource sites are general-purpose hubs that list links to sources of income; ways to trace traffic and content providers. Many resource pages contain informative articles related to the business. While most resource sites are free to enter and browse, they usually offer perks only to those that sign up for their newsletters. These newsletters contain valuable information and have helped many a newbie. Resource sites usually house the second stop to familiarizing yourself with this vocation: the message board.

Message boards, Bulletin Boards and webmaster chatrooms are hangouts for Adult Internet professionals. They discuss codes, marketing techniques and other tricks of the trade in daily discussions. They are also the habitat of sometimes-unprofessional types that take advantage of the net’s anonymity. A few can be callous in response to questions asked by new posters and the best way to deal with them is to ignore them. Fortunately, most Adult professionals are adult AND professional and are happy to answer questions from the sincere novice. The associations and friendships you can garner at a message board will only further your knowledge and mastery of the Adult Internet. The best way to introduce you to others on a message board is to read some of the writings called “posts”. Get a sense of where you are and the tone of the place. When you feel comfortable enough to ask a question remember to introduce yourself first, then ask your question.

Cozy Campus Webmaster Forums

Another way to not just familiarize your self with this cutting edge market but to have fun and make direct contact with real players is to attend the many Adult Webmaster conferences held around the world. One of the most popular conferences is Internext. Look around on your favorite resource site for news about upcoming events.

Cozy Frog Events Calendar

Of course, the chief destination in your travels around the sex biz will be the associations and partnerships you make with other Adult professionals. You can be a one-person company and make a decent living selling sex to surfers, but you will find your path a little less bumpy with a hand up from others just like you.

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How to Build an Adult Traffic Empire
from Scratch in Today’s World

"I’m an adult webmaster. I also have mainstream sites, but I made my bones in adult websites. I don’t create content or have sites with picture or movie content; instead I create sites that I like to call “traffic magnets”. Sites that simply attract and move around traffic. Sometimes I feel like a commodities broker. I’ll figure out that I can trade 100,000 hits from a lesbian site for 75,000 hits from an Asian site to get 120,000 hits from a BBW site which is what I really wanted to begin with..."

"...if you have 100 visitors coming in per day and you send them off to a site that returns you an average of three visitors for every one, well now you have had 400 people coming to your site. That’s a 400% increase in visitors!..."

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