Lesson #06: The Importance of Resource Sites

Note: This content was originally written by Titimowse ("The Professor") and published on the old Cozyacademy.com over 10 years ago, a site that is no longer live and, as a result, the great wealth of knowledge it provides for the adult webmasters community was nearly lost. I recovered this article from an old archive and no part of this work belongs to me. I republished it here for the benefit of the adult community.

What Are Adult Webmaster Resource Sites?

An adult webmaster resource site is a kind of online hub that lists links to tools and information to help the adult webmaster learn about and aid their adult business.

Whether you are new to the business, or a seasoned adult webmaster, the adult resource site is a continuous source for answers to any question you have concerning your efforts. Adult resource sites have links to sponsor programs, traffic generators and adult web hosts. They can have useful guides and copy-and-paste codes that will help you improve your site. Resource sites have message boards where webmasters can ask their peers questions pertinent to their business. Resource sites also offer special perks for webmasters that join newsletter mailing lists. If you have a resource that you would like to offer to other adult webmasters, the site will usually have a submission form where you can submit your resource for review and posting. An adult webmaster resource site will tell you where you can buy content, where you can obtain a counter for your page and some even will provide free space to host your site from. With all the benefits the adult webmaster resource site has to offer, only the foolish adult webmaster avoids such a cornucopia of invaluable information.

Who Has the Best Adult Webmaster Resource Site?

Naturally, we here at Cozy Academy feel that Cozy Frog is the best adult webmaster resource site. Of course realistically, we know that you will visit and use information from many resource pages. Cozy Frog contains links to what we consider the best of the adult webmaster resource sites because we want you to find the answers you’re looking for. Some sites may have a good tools section, while others may have killer reviews of content providers.

There is so much out there to help you run your adult business and most times (like here) that information is completely free.

How Do I Recognize a Bad Adult Webmaster Resource Page?

There is no bad adult webmaster resource site. Every one of them has something important to offer the adult webmaster. Some resource sites can be very hard to navigate and finding the help you need almost impossible. Some resource sites have message boards filled with rude and childish webmasters who can make a newbie feel unimportant or invisible.

The best way to judge a resource site is by its ease of navigation, quantity of helpful links and tools and naturally, whether or not that site makes you feel comfortable and cozy!

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