Lesson #17 – Legal Compliance

Note: This content was originally written by Titimowse ("The Professor") and published on the old Cozyacademy.com over 10 years ago, a site that is no longer live and, as a result, the great wealth of knowledge it provides for the adult webmasters community was nearly lost. I recovered this article from an old archive and no part of this work belongs to me. I republished it here for the benefit of the adult community.

The fact is we live in a world full of people more powerful than us. A good many of those powerful people believe that sexual matters have no place in polite society. They would rather that all adult material disappear off the planet. They take pains to seek out offensive stuff so they can regulate it, tax it and condemn it as evil. It would be wonderful if our world had more tolerant people in positions of power but we don’t. Until we do, your career as an adult webmaster will always be subject to legal scrutiny and suppression.

Just because the Internet encompasses the world, doesn’t mean you are free from legal responsibility in your town or country. The legal system is gradually catching up with cyberspace. The adult Internet has been the much-publicized forerunner of technology and marketing for the web. That notoriety has done us little good as it only attracts shysters and moral zealots. We suffer from overblown mythology and pre-existing stigma. Some lawmakers have gone as far as to categorize us the same as terrorists. If you’re not concerned about the legality of your adult website, you should be. The arm of the law is long and you are more within it’s grasp that you realize.

In your city, in your region or state or province there are existing laws that cover everything from home-based businesses to pandering. It isn’t just that you are dealing with possibly obscene materials, you are

making money and money changes everything. You may not live in an area that is zoned for small businesses. You could live in a state with sodomy laws or one that forbids the sale of dildos. You could live in a country that allows the viewing of softcore on the net but not hardcore. The age of consent where you live applies to your adult site. Those models you feature on your site might be of age in their country but what about yours? Familiarizing yourself with adult/Internet law and becoming compliant to it is your smartest business move.

How does one go about that you ask? The best way is to consult a live, breathing attorney. That can be difficult, as there are few who know much about Internet law and even fewer who know about adult entertainment and Internet law. The good part is you are reading this lesson. Here are some links that will get you started on the road to the legal straight and narrow:

Adult Site Law
(http://www.adultsitelaw.com): Lawyer A.J. Comparetto specializes in legal matters pertaining to adult webmasters. He knows this industry and believes in the free speech issues it represents. Look to him to give you advice and the information you need.

Cozy Academy’s Legal Primer
(http://www.cozyacademy.com/classrooms/legal/index.asp): Right here on this site, we have a whole series of classes about the law and adult webmastery. Written by lawyer AJ Comparetto, our classes will teach you the basics and beyond.

Cozy Frog’s Legal Services Listings
(http://www.cozyfrog.com/listings/legal/menu.asp): The listings at the Frog beat the band and our legal area is no exception.

Free Speech Law
(http://www.freespeechlaw.com): Lawrence Walters has been dealing with adult webmasters since 1995. He’s handled notable cases concerning First Amendment Rights and cyberspace.

Do your research by visiting the above mentioned pages and links. Consult a lawyer if you can afford it. Find a way to afford it if you cannot. Don’t let ignorance put an end to your adult business.

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